Unbreakable Audio Release Confirmed

For those of you who like to read with their ears, I am giddy as a kipper to confirm that Unbreakable will be heading onto audio and that the marvellous Nicola Victoria Vincent will be narrating it 😁 The book is due out in October, hopefully the audio version will follow hot on its heels. 

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UK BSB Bash Panels Online

If you missed the Bold Strokes UK Zoomathon thingy yesterday, all the panels and readings are now available to catch up on via the BSB Facebook page. 

I’m still amazed I managed to get through a reading from Unbreakable without a single stutter, so that might be worth watching if only for the sheer novelty value 😉 

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UK Blog Hop – Going Right Back to the Beginning…

It’s my turn on the UK BSB Fest blog hop today. This year’s theme was a general what we like to read and write kind of thing, but I’ve flipped the clock way back to look at what got me writing in the very first place and, like an awful lot of WLW writers, that involved fan fiction. Who doesn’t love an excuse to chat about Dana Scully, right?

You can read the blog here at the UK BSB site.

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BSB UK Bash Registration Link!

The registration link for the UK BSB Bash (Sunday 6th June) is alive alive-oh if you want to sign up for any of the panels/readings/whatevers.

The event will be taking place over Zoom and, once you’ve registered, you’ll get an invite to join your chosen session just prior to it starting. You can register for as many of the panels as you like and everything is free. It really is as easy as that.

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BSB UK Bash Schedule…

Here’s the schedule for this year’s all-zooming, all-dancing (not really, I have two left feet) UK Bold Strokes Bash.

Registration details to follow…

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BSB UK Bash – Zooming to you on June 6th!

This year’s UK BSB Fest is going to be online again, so everyone can pretend to be dead professional while they’re actually Zooming in their PJs and eating ice cream straight out of a tub. No idea what’ll be on the schedule yet, but I’m hoping to be involved in something or other. Preferably the ice cream part. It’s set for June 6th . Save the date!

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Unbreakable Release Date Confirmed

Always lovely to get one of these emails from Bold Strokes! Course we’ve rearranged a holiday slap bang in the middle of my editing schedule but hey, these things are supposed to be a challenge, right?

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Unbreakable Cover Reveal!

Despite 2020 being, well, 2020, I am endlessly cheered by the fact that I got this book written, and look! It has a lovely cover 🙂

(Due out October, 2021.)

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Not Everyone’s Idea of Normal…

In a year that’s been anything but “normal” I’ve been blogging over on the UK Bold Strokes site about my rather atypical day job and how it bleeds (quite literally at times!) into my books… Click here to read.

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New Book, ‘Unbreakable’, on the way in 2021!

Thanks to this craptastic year, it’s been a while since I’ve had any book news, but I recently pulled on my big girl knickers, committed to a deadline, and signed a contract with Bold Strokes for book number 9 (crikey!)

Unbreakable will be out in October 2021 (tentative date – I know it’s a long time off, please don’t kill me.) It’s a standalone thriller/police procedural, with not two but three lovely leading ladies, and its blurb goes like this:

Dr. Grace Kendal never stands a chance. The injured woman comes out of nowhere, bleeding heavily and holding a gun. Compelled to help her, Grace is dragged into Elin Breckenridge’s nightmare. Their fight to survive will take them across the country and to the limits of their endurance. But who is Elin running from? As Grace struggles for answers, one thing becomes clear – Elin is somehow connected to a dead man, and Grace could be next.

For Detective Sergeant Safia Faris, the case should have been easy: one dead body, one suspect. But the deeper she digs, the more obvious it becomes that the murder was only the beginning. The investigation sets her on a collision course with Grace and Elin, and she’s forced to re-evaluate everything she knows. Because nothing is quite as it seems, and Grace and Elin’s lives aren’t the only ones on the line.

Watch this space for more details 🙂

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