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breatheBreathe is a standalone romantic mystery thriller set in Manchester, England. It won a 2020 Goldie award for Best Romantic Blend. The paperback and e-book are available from Amazon and the Bold Strokes website, and the audio version is available from Audible

Jemima Pardon, a paramedic with a daft name and chronic asthma, has never had much in the way of good luck. The only things she attracts are traumatic jobs, and no one wants to work with her for long.

But when Jem bumps into devil-may-care police officer Rosie Jones, her fortunes seem to be changing. Rosie is bright and funny, and she doesn’t mind that Jem can’t go far without her inhaler.

Things are looking up, until a suspicious death draws Jem and Rosie into an investigation that spirals beyond their control. As torrential rain floods the city, they face a battle to survive if they’re ever going to have a chance at finding love.

Alias finalAlias is a standalone first person thriller/mystery set in Snowdonia, Wales, and Manchester. England. It won a 2019 Goldie award for Best Thriller/Mystery/ Crime. The paperback and e-book are available from Amazon and the Bold Strokes website, and the audio version is available from Audible

A car lies crashed below a Welsh mountain road. One of the young women inside it is dead, the other badly injured with no memory of who she is or what just happened. All she has is a bus pass showing her photograph and a name she doesn’t recognize.

As she struggles to recover from her injuries, a startling revelation shatters everything she thought she knew, forcing her into an uneasy alliance with Detective Bronwen Pryce. With danger closing in from all sides, the two women must work together to uncover the truth – even if it kills them.

A Quiet Death final

A Quiet Death, is the third and final book in the Dark Peak series. It was shortlisted for a Lambda and a Goldie, placed Highly Commended at the Diva Literary Awards, and won the Rainbow Award for Best Thriller. The paperback and e-book are available from Amazon and the Bold Strokes website, and the audio version is available from Audible.

Things are looking up for Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr. Meg Fielding. Dating each other seems to be working, their families are behaving themselves, and the worst of the post-Christmas crime wave is over.

The discovery of a Pakistani girl’s body out on the moors changes all that. No one
knows who she is, who hurt her, or how she came to be there. As pressure mounts
on East Derbyshire Special Ops for a quick resolution, it becomes ever more apparent that the case won’t provide one.

With the Pakistani community closing ranks, and threads of suspicion reaching farther than anyone could have predicted, the investigation leaves Sanne facing an ordeal she may not survive.

Cold to the Touch final 300 DPICold to the Touch, is the sequel to No Good Reason, and the second in the Dark Peak series. The book won a Goldie for Best Mystery/Thriller at the 2016 GCLS awards. The paperback and e-book are available from Amazon or the Bold Strokes website, and the audio book is available from Audible.

Winter in the Derbyshire Peaks: months of knee-deep snow, short days, and rocketing crime rates.

Detective Sanne Jensen is living in self-imposed isolation and quietly falling apart, while Dr. Meg Fielding–Sanne’s best friend and occasional lover–is struggling to cope with her violent brother, who is back in town and demanding money that she doesn’t have.

When the murder of a drug addict is dumped onto Sanne’s already unmanageable caseload, she suspects the death may be the start of something more sinister. But how can she investigate a crime when no one cares about the victim? And how can she stop a killer who has no identity, no motive, and no conscience?

no good reasonNo Good Reason was published in June 2015. Set back in my familiar stomping ground of the Derbyshire Peak District, the novel is a police procedural thriller, and the first in the Dark Peak series. The book won Best Lesbian Mystery at the 2015 Rainbow Awards, and was a finalist in the 2016 Lambda and Goldie Awards. You can buy the paperback or the e-book from Bold Strokes Books or Amazon, and the audio book is available from Audible

“I can’t do this. I can’t do any of this without her.”

Detective Sanne Jensen (not blonde, not tall, definitely not Scandinavian) and Dr. Meg Fielding (scruffy, scatterbrained, prone to swearing at patients) are lifelong best friends, sharing the same deprived background and occasionally the same bed.

When a violent kidnapping stuns the Peak District village of Rowlee, both women become involved in the case. As Sanne and her colleagues in East Derbyshire Special Ops search for the culprit, and Meg fights to keep his victim alive, a shocking discovery turns the investigation on its head. With the clock ticking, Sanne and Meg find themselves pushed closer by a crime that threatens to tear everything apart.

smaller TDMy third novel, Tumbledown, was a runner up in the 2014 Rainbow Awards, and is available from Bold Strokes Books and Amazon as a paperback and e-book, and from Audible as an audio book.

How far would you go to protect the one you love?

Two years after surviving their ordeal at the hands of white supremacists, Alex Pascal and Sarah Kent have new identities, new careers, and a new home together. The FBI warned them to keep their heads down, and a small town in Maine seems like the perfect place to do this, until a chance occurrence sets in motion a chain of events that no one could have predicted. With enemies closing in and friends turning their backs, Alex and Sarah find themselves fighting not only for their freedom, but for their lives.

dpcoverMy second novel, Desolation Point, was voted runner-up Best Lesbian Mystery/Thriller by the Rainbow Awards 2013. It is available in paperback or e-book from Bold Strokes Books or Amazon. The audio book is also available from Audible.

“He’s going to find me,” Sarah whispered. “He’s going to find me before you do.”

One wrong step in Los Angeles leaves Alex Pascal scarred and traumatized, unable to continue the career she loves.

In England, a drunk driver shatters Sarah Kent’s family.

For Sarah, leaving England to explore the North Cascades is an opportunity to regain her health and her confidence, while Alex has already abandoned LA to make the mountains her home. Drawn to the beauty and history of Desolation Peak, Sarah is hiking alone when a storm leaves her stranded. Determined to track her down, Alex heads into the wilderness, never anticipating the terrible danger she will face. Because Sarah is already running for her life, fleeing from a ruthless criminal with a mission to complete and nothing left to lose. With everything stacked against them, neither woman expects to survive, let alone fall in love. All they have to do now is find a way out.

snowbound for blogMy first novel, Snowbound, was awarded an Alice B Lavender Certificate for outstanding debut novel, plus an Honourable Mention in the LBGT Mystery/Thriller category at the Rainbow Awards 2012. It is available to buy in paperback and e-book from BSB or Amazon. The audio book is also available from Audible.

“The policewoman got shot and she’s bleeding everywhere. Get someone here in one hour or I’m going to put her out of her misery.”

An ultimatum that forever changes the lives of police officer Sam Lucas and Dr. Kate Myles.

When heavy snowfall isolates the small English village of Birchenlow, a violent robbery shatters the community. Taken as a hostage and stranded with the increasingly desperate criminals, Sam is seriously injured during an ill-fated escape attempt. Already struggling to save the lives of the villagers caught up in the raid, Kate volunteers to walk straight into the lion’s den. Cut off from help, with only each other to rely on, Sam and Kate must find a way to fight the odds and stay alive if the growing attraction between them is to survive.


6 Responses to My Books

  1. Barbara G. says:

    I finished reading “Tumbledown” last evening …. “wow” -it was … suspenseful, sweet …I’m still processing (obviously), it’ll take a second or third read to get anything more articulate. I’m thinking your writing is getting better and better … but that seems to imply it wasn’t pretty darned good to begin with …you have GOT to kiss a big “thank you” to your wife from me for getting you out there! You and your writing is so appreciated! I look forward to your next … 2015? 2016?

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Oh I reckon you’re spot on, Barbara; I think Tumbledown’s the best of the three I’ve written as well. I’m learning so much as I’m going along, and growing more confident in terms of plotting, pacing, and character development. And yes, I will happily kiss the missus for you!

      I’ve just finished a new story and it’s with the boss at the moment, waiting for her verdict. We’re back in England again for this one and it’s a police procedural/thriller/sort of romance (so, basically another one to give the good folk at BSB a headache in terms of slotting it into a genre.)

      Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to drop a comment onto here. I think you might have sent me a friend request on FB – I got an email notification but it wasn’t there on FB for me to confirm. No worries if you changed your mind, I just didn’t want you to think I was being rude and ignoring you 🙂

  2. Barbara G. says:

    Cool, I love police procedurals and always appreciate a bit of romance (hey, as long as there’s at least a possibility). Sorry about the FB thing … I tend to “overthink” things (I cancelled my request a few minutes later). I’m a bit social phobic (okay, more than a bit) and felt awkward making a “friend” request to a … well, stranger. But, I like hearing about your writing process/experience, daily life, thoughts and had a laugh at some of your posts (as well as those of others) … so if you don’t mind that I’m more of a “listener” (a positive of being social phobic?) than a “speaker” (a negative or challenge) perhaps I’ll make a friend request again …

    • Cari Hunter says:

      I’m a bit of a crime-thriller-procedural fan when it comes to reading, so I thought I’d have a go at writing a LesFic version 🙂

      No worries at all about the FB thing – I didn’t know whether it was a system glitch or second thoughts, so thought I’d check. Feel free to lurk, friend, or not friend, whatever’s easiest. The vast majority of the book news will be shared on here as well. The extras on FB are mainly Peak District walks and naughty cats!

  3. Al says:

    Hi Cari, how are you?
    It’s Al here, are you still at the same address so I can send ‘No Good Reason’ to you for signing please?

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