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The Darker Side of the Street

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I see things at work that would shock the average person. I sign on to my shift, accept the first job that comes through to the ambulance and within minutes could … Continue reading

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Oh oh oh, an interview!

And it’s an interview where you can actually hear me talk and everything 🙂 The lovely ladies over at The Cocktail Hour had a chat with me last night and the podcast is already up for download or just listening … Continue reading

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Alice B Lavender Certificate…

I found out this week that Snowbound has been awarded an Alice B Lavender Certificate for debut novel \o/ The Alice B awards are decided by a committee of largely anonymous, avid readers of lesbian lit. The committee present an … Continue reading

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Snowbound Release Update!

Snowbound has sneaked out on wide release a little earlier than I was expecting so it will hopefully be ready to squeeze into Christmas stockings! I wish you all a good couple of cosy winter nights curled up in front … Continue reading

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Bold Strokes Interview

Bold Strokes Books have just published their November newsletter which includes a tiny extract from Snowbound and the start of an interview with… um, well, me. Go here for the newsletter itself and anyone interested in the full text of … Continue reading

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Snowbound Menu

It was only when editing Snowbound that I came to realise exactly how much food was in the damn thing. I can honestly say that the novel was not sponsored by Delicious Treats of England, but you can be forgiven … Continue reading

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Setting the Snowbound scenery

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