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Audio Book Giveaway!

It would seem that audio books are a bit like buses – you wait for ages for one to come along and then two bolt up in quick succession. Yes, hot on the heels of Desolation Point, No Good Reason is … Continue reading

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An Interview Here…A Review There…

Just a quick heads up about a couple of bits and pieces (because my missus tells me off if I don’t mention these things!) First things first, the lovely folk at Ylva are hosting a Spotlight Interview with me over at … Continue reading

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Tumbledown Giveaway Winners, and Consolation Prize: Desolation Point Deleted Scenes

Okay, it’s past noon o’clock and I have two books to find new homes for! I know I joked about drawing these winners from an egg cup, but by the cut-off this afternoon, 158 of you buggers had entered this … Continue reading

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Desolation Point – Bonus Scene!

With perfect timing for the festive season (and the silly season at work), Tumbledown is edited, proofed, and out of my hands. During one conversation in the book, there’s a reference to a scene that didn’t make the final cut of … Continue reading

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The Darker Side of the Street

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I see things at work that would shock the average person. I sign on to my shift, accept the first job that comes through to the ambulance and within minutes could … Continue reading

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Desolation Point Release info

A few folks have been asking about the release date of Desolation Point, its availability as an eBook etc, and some of the details have changed quite recently, so here’s my DP release date Public Service Announcement 🙂 Both the … Continue reading

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Winners of the Desolation Point Giveaway

It’s just gone noon o’clock and we have winners in the Desolation Point, Kendal Mint Cake Grand Giveaway! (Draw conducted via random number generator with the missus as designated UN Observer *g*) The signed books and mint cake are heading … Continue reading

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Desolation Point Up for Grabs!

I always reckon that good news calls for celebration. Good news one: Desolation Point‘s release date is just around the corner. Good news two: BSB recently picked up its sequel, Tumbledown, for publication in 2014 🙂 So, to celebrate, I … Continue reading

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Sunshine, Shorts, Signings, and Silly Buggers

Find all of the above and more, over here at the UK Lesfic site, where I’ve been busy blogging about our recent jolly to Palm Springs for the annual BSB LGBT Book Festival.  

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Wrestling with the Unknown Unknowns

My favourite comment left in the margins during the editing of my upcoming novel, Desolation Point, was a slightly exasperated: “I know we’re in Sarah’s POV and she thinks British, but don’t you people ever wear pants?” To which there … Continue reading

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