No Good Reason Giveaway

no good reason booksOh! Oh! I got books! Yes, I finally have my grubby mitts on my rather gorgeous author copies of No Good Reason, which can mean only one thing: It’s time for a giveaway 🙂

To win one of two copies (signed or unsigned) and a delicious bag of Haribo sweets, just leave a comment on this thread – anonymous comments are enabled – or head over to my Facebook page and ‘like’ the giveway post on there. I’ll pick a winner when I wake up after my nights – say around noon – on Wednesday (13th May). Bonus points if you tell me what your favourite biscuit is.

About Cari Hunter

Cari Hunter is the author of "Snowbound", "Desolation Point" and "Tumbledown", "Alias", "Breathe", and the Dark Peak series of crime thrillers - "No Good Reason", "Cold to the Touch", and "A Quiet Death" - all published by Bold Strokes Books. Her new novel "Unbreakable" is now available to buy.
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49 Responses to No Good Reason Giveaway

  1. kat says:

    Would love to be the lucky one 🙂

  2. coalblack says:

    Count me in. Favorite biscuit? That’s Brit for cookie isn’t it? Lorna Doones.

    coal (Fireblossom on Blogger)

  3. Natalee Norris says:

    Favorite biscuit: bacon and avacado on a buttermilk biscuit!

  4. Marija Kljucevic says:

    Im in!!
    Gorgeous cover!

    • Cari Hunter says:

      You are indeed!

      Cover’s lovely, isn’t it? The rocks are from Stanage Edge, which isn’t too far from where I live. Sadly, I can’t claim credit for the photography.

  5. colleen says:

    cheese biscuit or blueberry!
    Fabulously. delicious for “No Good Reason!”

  6. janne klostwr says:

    Ohhhhh i so want to win something.
    ever since finding my girlfriend 11 years ago i have not won anything.
    i guess the saying must be true you cannot have luck and love at the same time

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Oh you’re breaking my heart! I never win anything either and I’ve been with my missus for seventeen years, hmm, maybe there’s some truth to the saying, eh?

  7. Dian Sierra says:

    Biscuit? As in Brit for cookie? I’m partial to Lorna Doone or just about any shortbread that is decent. I like sugar cookies too. Would love to read this book too, jus’ sayin’. 🙂

    • Cari Hunter says:

      I had to go google Lorna Doones, we don’t have them here (although they look like a lot of the biccies we do have.) They seem like they might be very good for dunking, which is an essential attribute in a biscuit.

      And I’m very happy to hear you want to read the book 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on your gorgeous book. Pick me:-)

  9. beachwench says:

    A new book 😄 happy, happy!

  10. Jac C says:

    I don’t care about winning. I just want to read it like right now!!! When is it gonna be out officially? I can’t wait already! Ha! It’s funny that there’re different interpretations for biscuit. In my country, our education system is based on the Brit system, but with the influx of American series, movies, books etc, we tend to get mixed up. I’d always thought biscuit is used in both US and UK but looks like I’m wrong.

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Officially, it’s out in June. First of June if you order from Bold Strokes, sort of mid-June if you’re going with Amazon or other retailers. BSB have been sneaking new releases out earlier and earlier, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one available from them by the end of May.

      Biscuit is used in both countries, Jac, but over here it’s a crunchy, crumbly thing, most often sweet, and in the USA it’s a soft, baked, scone type thing that they serve with their version of gravy (which is sort of white sauce with chunks in it!) It’s all very complicated.

      • Jac C says:

        Lol, doesn’t matter, I’m sure they all taste good! I can’t wait for the shipping, so most likely I’ll go for the ebook first. Any idea whether BSB will have the e version out?

        • Cari Hunter says:

          Looking at the last few months’ releases, they’ve been putting them out earlier and earlier, so keep an eye on their (or my) FB page around the end of May – they’ll announce them on there and I’ll share the news as soon as I hear anything.

  11. Margaret Flint Suter says:

    I have pre-ordered, but if I should win a signed copy, I would treasure that and use my other as my “loaner” copy! I am still quite partial to Hob Nobs just the plain ones though would not say no to chocolate ones! None the less, SO looking forward to spending a day with “No Good Reason”

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Heh, I do love the idea of having a “loaner” copy. My work wife loans hers to her mum who then loans it all around her holiday caravan site. And I think if you’re having a HobNob, it’d be rude not to get the choccy version. If you’re going to sin…

  12. sharon says:

    Coconut biscuits! Yum!

  13. Marie Foose says:

    I wouldn’t mind a signed copy! Count me in! Congrats on another published book!

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Thank you, and consider yourself counted in.

      • Marie Foose says:

        Thanks! I forgot to say what my favorite biscuit is, that would be Oreo’a, I had to remember that that meant cookie to me 🙂 I was going to say Buttermilk biscuit, but that really is a whole different thing 😀

  14. Devlyn says:

    I Would love to win a signed copy, would hold pride of place in my bookshelf – after reading of course. My favourite biscuit used to be Tim Tams but I found out they have palm oil so I swapped best ever biscuits to Anzac Biscuits. Yum!

  15. D says:

    Can’t wait to read it! Favorite biscuits would be shortbread’s. Real ones, made with lots of butter. A close second – homemade chocolate chip using milk chocolate chips, not semi-sweet, and pecans. Ummm.

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Mm, those do sound good. Can’t go wrong with shortbread, they actually get a mention in the book as a universally recognised biccie. I ran a poll on Facebook 😉

  16. sunnycspot says:

    Count me in please! I still want to try those mint thingies you featured in Snowbound… In my neck of the woods, biscuits are smothered in gravy. 😉

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Hey Sunshine! I’ve had a few votes for biscuits with bacon, or gravy 🙂 You had me racking my brain trying to think of the mint things in Snowbound. Did you mean Kendal Mint Cake?? I had that in DP, not sure it was ever mentioned in Snowbound…(about the only foodstuff that wasn’t!)

  17. Cindy G. says:

    I really enjoyed your first three novels, so I’d LOVE to win a signed copy of your new book!
    Favorite cookie is either Pepperidge Farm’s mint chocolate Milano or Keebler Pecan Sandy. Biscuit is buttermilk with sausage gravy.

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  19. darsword says:

    I’d love a copy of your book. Mostly I’d like a Kindle version. I’m on Netgalley. If that helps.

  20. RJ says:

    I would love a copy! Count me in.

  21. I’m always up for more books…

    As for biscuits, I am big on things with cardamom in them lately.

  22. Cari Hunter says:

    I don’t think I’d ever had cardamom until someone gave us a recipe for Danish rice pudding (quite possibly the best rice pudding I’ve ever tasted!). We use it quite a lot now – it’s great in rice for curries as well as puds.

  23. JR says:

    Mostly posting to say that your Peak area photos are lovely, looks like a great place for some rock scrambling.

    • Cari Hunter says:

      It’s perfect for rock scrambling, JR. That “path” up Blacken Brook becomes more of a scramble towards the end, and there are brilliant rocks all over the area to clamber up. The book’s cover is a shot of Stanage Edge which is famous for climbing, but there are plenty of easier options for those not quite minded to strap themselves to an overhang (i.e. me).

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