Desolation Point cover and release details

Just got the final cover through for Desolation Point and it really is a thing of loveliness 🙂


The release date has been confirmed as 15th April, 2013, and the synopsis goes like this:

~ ~ ~
“He’s going to find me,” Sarah whispered. “He’s going to find me before you do.”
One wrong step in Los Angeles leaves Alex Pascal scarred and traumatized, unable to continue the career she loves.
In England, a drunk driver shatters Sarah Kent’s family.
For Sarah, leaving England to explore the North Cascades is an opportunity to regain her health and her confidence, while Alex has already abandoned LA to make the mountains her home. Drawn to the beauty and history of Desolation Peak, Sarah is hiking alone when a storm leaves her stranded. Determined to track her down, Alex heads into the wilderness, never anticipating the terrible danger she will face. Because Sarah is already running for her life, fleeing from a ruthless criminal with a mission to complete and nothing left to lose. With everything stacked against the two women, neither expects to survive, let alone fall in love.
All they have to do now is find a way out.
~ ~ ~

About Cari Hunter

Cari Hunter is the author of "Snowbound", "Desolation Point" and "Tumbledown", "Alias", "Breathe", and the Dark Peak series of crime thrillers - "No Good Reason", "Cold to the Touch", and "A Quiet Death" - all published by Bold Strokes Books. Her new novel "Unbreakable" is now available to buy.
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4 Responses to Desolation Point cover and release details

  1. laurel_hardy says:

    I like the cover! It also reminds me of the time my parents took me to Yellowstone and a young couple retired for the evening and gave the campground a silhouette strip tease until the laughs and cat calls clued them in and they doused the lantern.

    OK, now flog the hell out of pre-ordering because they’ve set your release date for the day Federal income tax is due in the US.

    • Cari Hunter says:

      LOL. I can’t believe I haven’t put a silhouette striptease in the damn novel! What a missed opportunity. I do love the lit up tent though, there’s a really nice sense of isolation to it.

      Oops to the income tax date. I’m guessing that’s the same as our “tax returns” which are always unpleasant.

  2. sunsetwriter says:

    Cool cover! Being a frequent camper, I really love the emphasis on the lone tent. That photo would definitely make me pick up the book for a further look if I just stumbled upon it.

    Is it too late to put in a striptease?

    • Cari Hunter says:

      *laughs* Would you believe me if I told you there sort of is one? Only not in a backlit tent (and not at all like you’re probably thinking!)

      Damn but I do love that cover 🙂

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