Snowbound Menu

It was only when editing Snowbound that I came to realise exactly how much food was in the damn thing. I can honestly say that the novel was not sponsored by Delicious Treats of England, but you can be forgiven for suspecting as much! I was all set to compile a list of Britishisms but I think most people are aware by now that we have mobile phones over here as opposed to cell phones and you know what they say about typing while you’re hungry…

So here’s a brief rundown of some nice local cuisine.**
Bacon butty – or “sandwich” as it may well be known down South.


Recipe: Toast 2 X slices of Warburtons toastie white bread and smother them in butter. Add fried bacon rashers. Eat with ketchup, HP sauce, or as it comes. Always accompany with a piping hot cup of tea.
Egg Custard
Delicious combination of buttery pastry case and egg custard (eggs, cream, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg.) Local bakery Greenhalgh’s make a particularly fine one and as you can see from this link, it’s absolutely full of nutrition…
Egg and chips
Recipe: Fry an egg or two. Eat with chips (where chips are chips of fish & chips fame and not Dorito-type potato chips – because just to confuse the issue, we’d call those crisps!)
Haribo sweets 

Addictive little buggers in foamy/jelly form that invariably taste weird and feel weird in your mouth but for some reason are impossible to stop eating once you’ve opened a packet. A favourite in the ambulance cab on nightshifts. A bag of Starmix (which are hands down the very best type) generally lasts an hour at the most. The sugar rush OTOH, may well see you into the following week.
Rice pudding
A notorious item on hospital menus (where it is traditionally a weird shade of grey and texturally akin to wallpaper paste), English rice pud can be absolutely lovely on a cold winter’s day. Simple to make (2oz of pudding rice with 1oz sugar and 1pt of milk, spot of butter on top and nutmeg/cinnamon if you want to be really fancy!) and fabulous hot or cold. Some people eat it with jam but that’s more of a semolina thing IMHO.
Cadbury chocolate
The doyen of British chocolate. More milk than actual chocolate and a milder taste than Hershey’s. You simply cannot go wrong with a nice bar of Dairy Milk.
Chocolate pudding and custard
School dinners over here are usually recalled with a mixture of horror/affection by my generation (born 1975!) but one thing they did get absolutely right was puddings. Chocolate sponge pud and custard (often pink custard) is still remembered fondly by myself and my partner although at her school the custard tended to be chocolate flavoured.
Full English breakfast, AKA “a fry up” 


The Sunday tradition growing up in my house was a fry up for breakfast.                                                                                           Combinations can vary but choose from: bacon, eggs, sausage, baked beans, black pudding, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, fried bread, toast and of course a cup of tea, which brings us on to…
A cup of tea (AKA “a brew”)


None of your herbal, minty, fruity teas here please. I’m talking traditional builder’s tea, the type you add milk and sugar to, drink from a mug, and have an obligation to say “ahhh” with an expression of pleasure on your face every time you take a sip. For proof of tea’s amazing restorative, zombie-fighting powers, see the movie Shaun of the Dead.
** Given what I put my characters through in Snowbound, the food therein is mostly comfort food and possibly best eaten in moderation. Always remember your five a day 😉

About Cari Hunter

Cari Hunter is the author of "Snowbound", "Desolation Point" and "Tumbledown", "Alias", "Breathe", and the Dark Peak series of crime thrillers - "No Good Reason", "Cold to the Touch", and "A Quiet Death" - all published by Bold Strokes Books. Her new novel "Unbreakable" is now available to buy.
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18 Responses to Snowbound Menu

  1. Cari Hunter says:

    Um. No. Because that would be disgusting 😉 I do love them both but under no circumstances could I be persuaded to eat black pudding with pink custard (or chocolate pudding with a fried egg!)

    Y’know, I got so hungry writing this, we ended up with a rice pud for tea.

  2. sunsetwriter says:

    OK, now I’m hungry. Really.

    I never knew it before, but I can honestly say I love bacon butties! Around here, BLTs are pretty popular, but my favorite BLT has always been one without the L and the T!

    There’s a store around here that sells Haribo sweets – we call them gummies (I think it’s the same thing), but I’ve never seen the little egg ones. I do love some gummy bears though!

    I used to have a British boss who always talked about black pudding. Is it the same as blood pudding? Or am I thinking of something else?

    By the way, I love all these little tidbits you’ve been giving us! Now, I’m off to find some breakfast – even though it’s 7:30 in the evening…

    • Cari Hunter says:

      OK, now I’m hungry. Really.

      LOL. Sorry. I would be too but I just had my tea. Time for a cuppa and a cinnamon roll I think (which believe it or not, also feature at one point!)

      Bacon butties are a thing of beauty. Yeah, I’d leave the L and the T off too, unless you’re putting your bacon onto a toasted plain bagel in which case fried tomatoes on there are lovely.

      There are gummy bears in Star Mix but the foamy sweets are the best. I sent some to a friend once and she was truly weirded out by the eggs. I think they’re a German company but we seem to eat a lot of them over here and they do help a night shift along nicely.

      Black and blood pudding are probably one and the same thing (WikiP seems to think so.) We’re right up near the town of Bury which is famous for making them and rightly so as they do make a damn fine one. I guess it doesn’t pay to be squeamish if you’re going to eat one but then, I like haggis too so I certainly don’t fall into the category of squeamish.

      By the way, I love all these little tidbits you’ve been giving us! Now, I’m off to find some breakfast – even though it’s 7:30 in the evening…

      Aww, I’m glad. They’re keeping me amused as well *g* Hope you found something decent for your um… breakfast!

  3. sunsetwriter says:

    Around here fried tomatoes are green and battered! (Like those in the movie!) And I do love those too! I will have to give the bacon and fried tomato bagel a try…

    I’m not sure I’ve had the foamy sweets. I do remember these big, orange, foam-like candies that were shaped like big peanuts my grandmother used to always have. I wonder if those are similar. Wow, I hadn’t thought of those things in YEARS!

    I’m not too much of a squeamish sort either, but neither blood pudding nor haggis has much appeal to me. I took too many science classes I think!

    Now I’m also looking forward to finding all the food references in your book.

    • Cari Hunter says:

      I have never tried fried green tomatoes although we were tempted with what’s still green on our current crop.

      I think your foamy peanuts are a harder type of foam than Haribo sweets which are squidgy when you press them. We have a similar thing in shrimp (yes really!) and banana form.

      The food references really won’t be too hard to track down in the book – they number about two a chapter 😉 Although there is a reasonably large section where the poor loves go quite hungry so I think I’m largely making up for lost time for the remainder of the book!

      • sunsetwriter says:

        You should definitely try fried green tomatoes! Let me know if you need a recipe. 🙂

        I will have to look for the foamy Haribos. But, shrimp candy? *blink* I have no words…

        I’m all about good food and good books, so combine the two, and I’m a happy camper!

        • Cari Hunter says:

          I think we have a recipe (and quite a few green tomatoes now we’ve had a final greenhouse blitz!) so might well try them out.

          Heh, the shrimp candy doesn’t taste of shrimp! (God, is there nothing that amazon doesn’t sell?! They just taste kinda pink…

          As for good food and good books, I am in total agreement. This story I’m up to my ears in now, seems to have an entire chapter discussing the merits of mac ‘n’ cheese… 😉

          • sunsetwriter says:

            If you try the tomatoes, be sure and let me know what you think. I’m glad to know the shrimp candy doesn’t actually taste like shrimp! And those little buggers do look a lot like grandma’s peanuts, only shrimp-shaped. And pink. And available from amazon! I wonder what grandma would think about that… 🙂

            What story might that be??

            • Cari Hunter says:

              I’ll see if I can dig out the recipe before the tomatoes ripen in our unseasonably warm October sun!

              Those shrimps will be the same as your gran’s peanuts (that sentence sounded a lot less bizarre in my head *g*) I love those shrimp things, we used to get them in 10p mixes as kids. Course, 10p nowadays wouldn’t buy you many shrimps… and now I feel bloody old!

              That story might be another original story that’s currently keeping me entertained during my downtime. I have no idea whether anything will ever come of it but I’m having fun with it regardless 🙂

  4. fig_aruna says:

    I want an egg custard! NAO!

    *is sad when it doesn’t magically appear*

    This is what I get for not being a witch, apparently.

    • Cari Hunter says:

      You need to train harder! Don’t be so defeatist 😉 Egg custards are definitely worth the graft. Dammit, I want one now.

      *stares hard at her empty breakfast plate*

      Sigh. Apparently, I’m not a witch either…

      • fig_aruna says:

        I think you need to be able to wiggle your nose or something.*

        *American cultural reference possibly inaccessible to Brits?

        • Cari Hunter says:

          Well, I wasn’t sure whether it was a Bewitched or Sabrina reference but I just googled “nose wiggling witch” and got my answer. LOL. Is there nothing google cannot solve? I never watched either of those shows btw… I just know some weird stuff!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fry Up

    Being born a Pom but living in Australia from the time I was 7 you forgot the most important part of the fry up – The bubble and sqeak – just sayin

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Re: Fry Up

      Oh that’s a new one on me! Fried up cabbage and potato leftovers, right? Not something my dad ever put with his bacon and eggs 🙂 We sometimes have white sausage, which is a lovely variation on black pud. I should stop talking about this, my stomach’s rumbling… !

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stovies, nom!

    As a British girl who idenifies as both English and Welsh it’s slightly painful to admit that my favourite British grub has got to be…. Stovies… Scottish but sooo good!

    • Cari Hunter says:

      Re: Stovies, nom!

      Oh you got me googling that one. Looks like a slightly wetter version of corned beef hash (or lobby as we used to call it – from lobscouse.) Not had lobby for years… my dad used to do an interesting variation on it with rice and stewed steak, fondly known in our house as “Splodge”!

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