Dark Peak, White Christmas – a ‘Dark Peak’ short story

I wrote a little treat for Christmas! To say thanks to you all for your support, for your feedback and reviews, for hanging out with me online, for laughing at the stupid sheep, chatting about the hills, and cheerleading the pond in progress.

This is for everyone who misses Sanne and Meg and the Dark Peak crowd as much as I do.

I’ve also uploaded it here to Archive of Our Own where there’s a download option for Mobi/PDF/EPUB and HTML.

With thanks and love to Snarkky for editing and for giving me the nudge.

Have a very happy Christmas 🙂

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Cover Reveal for ‘Breathe’

Coming in September 2019… 😀


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New Novel on the Way (Slowly but Surely!)

I’m chuffed to announce that I’ve just signed the contract for what will be my eighth novel with Bold Strokes Books. Hee!

The story is called Breathe and it’s a thriller/mystery/romance featuring Jemima Pardon, a paramedic with a stupid name, terrible luck, and chronic asthma, and her shenanigans with Rosie Jones, a slightly bonkers police officer. It’s set in and around Manchester, and, all being well, it’ll be published in September 2019.

All I have to do now is finish writing it…

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‘Alias’ Audiobook Giveaway

If you love reading with your ears, or you’ve never tried it and you fancy giving it a go, I have three freebie codes for the audio version of Alias to give away. I’m sure I’ve mentioned (perhaps one or two times) how much I adore Nicola Victoria Vincent’s narration and she’s really outdone herself with this one. I think I love listening to it more than I love reading it, and I wrote the bloody thing.

To enter, just leave a comment on here or head to the original Facebook post and “like” or comment there. Closing date is Wednesday 18th, 12 pm GMT and I’ll announce the winners when I get home from work that night.

Note: you will need an Audible account to claim the code, but that doesn’t oblige you to sign your life away to them or anything.

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Happy Valley Pride Lesbian Authors Event

Last year’s Lesbian Fiction event held as part of the Happy Valley Pride Festival in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, was a lovely intimate evening of readings, audience enthusiasm, cakes and a bit of booze. I had so much fun, I’m heading there again on Tuesday 7th August to join Deborah Delano, Lise Gold, Lola Keeley, Jody Klaire, and Jen Silver. Jody’s promised Welsh cakes, I might make some tiffin, and we’ll all be reading from our latest novels and answering whatever questions the audience want to lob at us.

The event will be held at Squeeze, Crown Street, Hebden Bridge and tickets – which include a free drink – are £5 (and quite limited.) Head here to bag your spot 🙂


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Alias Audio Book Now Available!

For everyone who likes reading books with their ears, the audio version of Alias is out right now with the quite wonderful Nicola Victoria Vincent as narrator  Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway, I’ll do one as soon as I get my complimentary codes.

Here’s the Audible.com link, and this is the Audible.uk link.

Alias is the featured book on author May Dawney’s blog this week. There’s a short Q&A and three little Easter egg fun facts if you fancy having a toot.

And finally, if you wanted to chat about the book but you’re worried about spoilers, there’s a Facebook group where you can pick stuff apart, pick my brains, and show off your own bara brith baking efforts. Or you can just lurk, which is fine too 🙂

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Alias Released Everywhere Today!

For those of you who’ve been waiting patiently for the wide release of Alias – today is the day! It’s now available to buy as a Kindle/e-book and paperback from pretty much anywhere that sells ’em, and the audio book should be released very shortly, hopefully before the end of the month.

As ever, reviews, ratings, and kind words are very welcome. Positive word of mouth is worth its weight in gold and nothing makes authors happier 🙂

Here’s the handy links for amazon US and amazon UK.


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