Breathe Audio Winners

Congrats to: Julee Sims, Tori Davidson, Nicole Lorimer, Trish Riches, Laura Uttley, Sue Coupland, Robyn Redding, and Betty Harmon who’ve snagged themselves codes for Breathe on audio. Check your messages or emails for the codes, grab your wellies, a Twix, and a nice brew, and enjoy 🙂
Cheers also to everyone who entered the giveaway and chatted Brit-speak. Always a pleasure.

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Breathe Audio Book Giveaway

It’s finally stopped raining here! So, to celebrate (before it snows tomorrow – no really, I only wish I was kidding) I have a handful of free codes for the audio version of Breathe to give away. Just tell me your favourite Northern English slang word in the comments or head over to my main Facebook page and do likewise, and I’ll stick you in the hat. Closing date …um …Sunday? Let’s say Sunday at midday my time. Good luck!
PS – yes, you can swear 😉

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Breathe Now Available on Audio

For those of you who love to read with their ears, Breathe is now available on audio  Yes, you too can make yourself as happy as this cat by listening along to Jem and Rosie’s water-logged, Manchester-based shenanigans. Nicola Victoria Vincent is doing the narration so, obviously, it’s fabulous – Jem is cute as a button, Rosie did funny things to my knees, and they’re all kinds of lovely together. Enjoy!

Handy Links:

Audible US 

Audible UK

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It’s a Perfect Day to Bake Biscuits…

It’s pouring down and miserable here which means it’s a perfect day for baking something calorific. After reading Breathe, a few people have asked what the hell an Aztec biscuit is having failed to find them via google. According to my mum, they’re a recipe she copied years ago from a daytime TV show and our family have been baking and scoffing them ever since. They are not things of beauty but oh my, they are delicious.

Aztec Biscuits

Beat 2 oz sugar with 6 oz butter until fluffy. Melt 4 oz milk chocolate and 3 oz dark in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water, and add to the sugar and butter. Stir in 6 oz plain flour and 1 tablespoon cocoa powder. Add 3 oz lightly crushed (not obliterated!) cornflakes. Put blobs onto a greased tray and bake at 180c (356f) for ten minutes or so.

Et voila. Jem’s favourite biccies 

As you can see, Aldi’s finest is absolutely bob on for these, but the chocolate, oh it has to be Cadbury’s if you can find it!

Don’t be scrapping over licking the bowl, now.

Absolutely not things of beauty but delicious and perfect with a brew.


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Breathe on Audio

The fabulous Nicola Victoria Vincent emailed me yesterday to tell me she’s currently enjoying the heck out of recording Breathe on audio and I am off-the-scale giddy about it! I don’t have a release date yet, but as soon as I do, I shall let you all know 

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Breathe Available Everywhere Today!

After what seems like an absolute age, Breathe – my latest stomp around the north west of England with two lovely, misadventure-prone, lasses – is now available to buy absolutely EVERYWHERE (well, everywhere that sells books online and a few select bookshops, that is.) The book is out in paperback and e-book format, with an audio version set for release in the next few months (more information on that as soon as I have it.)

Bold Strokes website link.

Convenient Amazon links! Amazon US, Amazon UK.

I really hope you enjoy it 🙂



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Breathe Released By BSB Today!

It’s September 1st which means Breathe , my latest romantic/adventure/mystery/splash of hurt-comfort/medical thriller is now exclusively available to purchase via the Bold Strokes website. You can buy the book in paperback or e-book format by clicking on the above link. There’s also a three chapter excerpt and lots of nice reviews on the same page if you fancy having a bit of a pre-purchase mooch.

Grab a pair of wellies and a twix, and have fun!

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